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Covid 19, long term implications for the telecommunications industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has and is affecting both people and businesses around the world at an alarming rate. As I write this the global numbers for infections are at 19 Million with 712,000 deaths. This situation is both unprecedented and scary.

The telecommunications industry is charged with keeping society on line and informed, as well as ensuring critical aspects of the economy can continue to function. For the majority of us who are not currently sick with the virus, maintaining our productivity at work in the face of this adversity is critical. It will support the economy both now and as things recover as well as helping to keep morale high during the days of prolonged isolation from our day to day to life.

Countries around the world are thinking about how to safely restart their economies, and the reality of the enormity of the role that telecommunications has to play. Businesses that have not been used to having remote employees have turned to alternate systems and platforms of communications and connectivity.

Achieving this transition when there is uncertainty will not be easy, but the industry is already seeing significant changes that will have tremendous impact both now and in the future.

One obvious and immediate change, driven by the huge numbers of people now working remotely, is an awareness of the pivotal role that communications technology can play in keeping employees engaged, customers serviced and businesses running.

Many businesses are beginning to realize that they already have a solution that enables employees to seamlessly switch on and do their job from wherever they are and have an internet connection…others are quickly catching up.

It’s a reality however that many companies have no function that facilitates employees to work from home, and those that do have too many different tools for communicating internally as well as with their customers. Be it email, chat or a video conference, presently these tools. The problem with multi solutions is that it makes communications “clunky”, putting users on the back foot when it goes wrong. This prevents staff from making the most of the technology at their disposal. With so many different applications at an employee’s disposal which usual means numerous passwords or over used single passwords there is the added security risk.

This need not be the case, among many new developments in real-time telecommunications technology available to business, there are options that provide  multi device, functional and cost effective connectivity. Combining the many tools that we currently use for communications and organizing them within one centralized platform.

This facility enables companies to have more real time contextual communications capabilities such as voice, data, video and chat directly into their applications and websites resulting in a more seamless experience when interacting remotely. This technology ensures that communications and the sharing of information can take place across multiple mediums wherever you are in the world with an internet connection.

Not new technology perhaps, but right now we are seeing a catalyzation of uptake in digital transformation across many businesses.

Everyone is being forced to find workarounds to stay connected and online during the Covid 19 pandemic pandemic.

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