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Let’s talk!

The first ever sms was sent on December 3 1992, by an engineer Neil Papworth. He sent the text “Merry Christmas” to Richard Jarvis at Vodafone. Jarvis had no way of replying

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 and just 7 years later (granted a lifetime in technology), by 2016 the user base grew from 250,000 to a whopping 1 billion, 13% of the worlds population!

So, all good, yes? Well some would argue that just  hitting the “like” icon or sending an emoji (the word is now allowed on a scrabble board now btw!) is having an undesirable and negative effect on our ability to communicate verbally with each other. In much the same way that email has all but obliterated the art and personal touch of letter writing. The only thing that you are likely to find in your post box is a final reminder to settle your E-toll account.

SMS’s and WhatsApp texts also provide massive potential for misunderstanding the actual intended message.

E.G. a mass sms sent from a university bursar read:

“ I have a black mans watch, found in the science centre, after receiving a number of texts back asking for comments on my ill considered sms I reverted with the following.

“It is NOT a black mans watch, it’s a mans watch that just happens to be black, apologies for any offense caused”

There are any number of text fails on YouTube, but there’s a message here I reckon. Instead of sending an sms or probably more likely a WhatsApp to someone, take the time to dial their number and have an actual conversation. There’s the true story of someone sending a text to a co-worker in the same office working at a desk 10 meters away suggesting lunch!!

Using a telephone for what it was originally designed to do, i.e. to have a one on one conversation that allows both parties to be on exactly the same page in terms of understanding. Negate ambiguity and agree on the content of what is being discussed. Allows for immediate commitment to the subject matter and agree on a way forward. No risk of misinterpretation of the message and a buy in with regard to the next steps.

There will always be a place for text messaging, it provides a way of communicating to more than one party at the same time for example, it’s quick and effective. However, there is huge scope for loosing the personal touch and as we’ve discussed in this blog, sending the “wrong message! Used carefully and appropriately its a valuable tool.

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So Let’s Talk!