Hosted Voice Solutions

Activate Telecoms is determined to make the conversion to cloud as simple and as straightforward as possible in terms of consumer involvement and participation, so with that somewhat reassuring thought in mind, please read on…!

So, we are going to take a look at Hosted Voice Solutions as opposed to the more traditional on-site PBX infrastructure. Although the two options offer much the same end result, the need for on-site physical hardware typically makes it more costly to add more features and is also difficult to scale easily or quickly. It also involves maintenance responsibilities with of course the associated costs that would attract.

In business, there is an increasing demand for additional call features and the continued and growing user expectation of seamless connectivity between devices.

So with that in mind, let’s dig a little deeper into a few of the benefits of a hosted voice solution for your business

  • Perhaps the most attractive feature of using a hosted solution is the cost advantage. No need for space-consuming, maintenance dependent and expensive hardware. All you need is a strong internet connection and your good to go. Your supplier will handle all software upgrades and any ongoing maintenance…all this included in your monthly cost. 
  • Security has become more and more critical in today’s business world. Cloud-based technology not only saves space but it’s also highly resilient and above all secure. Your provider is ultimately responsible for the security of your network. Take comfort in the fact that they will have invested in highly specialized protection software.
  • You can relax in the knowledge that disasters like flooding, technical accidents or short circuits will have zero effect. Everything is stored in the cloud so even if something should go wrong in the office, disaster recovery immediate and guaranteed.
  • Different time zones or locations present no problem. Incoming calls are simply transferred to wherever in the world you might be with whatever device you have.
  • Add on or replacement features are easy to incorporate, again this feature is included in your monthly cost. Everything is managed through a central online portal which again is stored in the cloud.
  • The quality of traditional PBX calls is a contentious issue, but with a hosted solutions Quality of Service (QoS) functionality, the system is designed to prioritize voice traffic and minimize the negative impact of busy bandwidth.
  • Another important feature is a hosted solutions ability to grow in line with your business’s growth. Assigning licenses, adding/removing/replacing features are all handled by the cloud-based central online portal. Simply, this means you only pay for what you use when you use it.
  • Accessing call and data usage is critical in terms of control. With a hosted solution all usage is monitored allowing you to quickly identify any areas of concern.
  • You can also retain your existing number set. No need for new ones, you simply request that your current numbers are transferred to your new supplier. This feature is both cost-effective as well as having zero effect on your customer base.

Just a few issues to ponder on, in a nutshell then, a hosted voice solution is flexible, easy to scale and manage and is typically significantly more cost-effective.

We would love to share our knowledge and expertise in this rapidly growing area in the telecommunications space..and to reiterate, we are thought leaders in cloud technology which means you can rest assured that the process will be non-stressful and seamless, to find out more….Call us, at Activate Telecoms