More than Communication, Form a Connection
Activate Telecoms provides a tailor-made telecommunication solution specific to your business and needs. We are the country’s industry leader in the sourcing, installation and set-up of fibre optic links, the most effective manner to connect you to the world.
Hosted Voice
Voice is one of the most important factors in business today. Activate Telecoms can tailor a voice solution to increase savings and decrease down time and poor quality. Additional services include mobile devices that allow customers to make calls for only 15c, reducing driver communication costs and increasing availability. The large call centre solutions are designed and implemented correctly and efficiently.
Activate can provide anything from a 1mbps ADSL line to a 100mbps+ fibre connection. Our Broadband services are contended from 1:4. Through multiple providers fibre networks Activate keep customers connected. Activate Telecoms promises to deliver on both products and services when it comes to a customer’s business Broadband Solution solution.
The internet is a critical part of business operations. Slow or limited access will affect the profitability and long term sustainability of your customers’ businesses. We have a dedicated service that provides guaranteed 1:1 contention and a set dedicated allowance for international traffic. Our Internet services come with SLA'a where our uptime is guaranteed.
Video Conferencing
Video conferencing (VC) and unified communications (UC) facilitates face-to-face collaboration among companies located in different cities or countries. The implementation of video conferencing solutions will reduce business-related travel cost, as well as reduce the time wastage associated with business travel. Activate can help with an end to end video conferencing solution for you.
Conference Centres
Access to the internet while on conference has become a standard. Activate cater for a full end to end conference solution, from attendee registration through to marketing solutions that will help market your venue. We help you make your conference venue digitally ready for the modern conference.
Wifi Solutions
Stay ahead of the game by deploying infrastructure that supports the latest standards and provides mobile devices with industry-leading bandwidth. Customers and employees can now take advantage of faster wireless speeds for an overall better experience. Our wifi solutions dont just allow for people to connect it allows you to control bandwidth , increase exposure and control user experience. We also role out full marketing tools that allow you to market to anyone connecting through your wifi.
Desktop IT support
If you are looking for a computer expert who provides technical support to people having problems with their computers, laptop's or tablets, then try ITNT Desktop support. We can help solve both hardware and software problems; diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems and help customers with product updates.
Attacks are escalating and not necessarily just in sophistication; they have become more persistent and prevalent. We have also witnessed an increase in organised crime and government-sponsored attacks. The well-publicised cybersecurity skills shortage is not new, and it's not going away. It's the perfect storm.

In the last decade, even more powerful and sophisticated security solutions have entered the market and Activate are proud to work with vendors that we believe are truly best in class at delivering these solutions.

Let Activate help with any of your security needs m from on premise to cloud based solutions.